Sleep Apnea- Seriously?

Its been a crazy week…

Investigations for a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis has now led me to sleep apnea testing- Seriously?

I don’t feel that I have sleep apnea. I guess we are ruling out all possible causes for fatigue. After results that sinus bradycardia earlier this week I am quite happy to have this test done. Clearly, you really don’t know what’s wrong with you until you go looking. On the flip side, you do get assurances of what is working well.

Two nights ago I had to wear this crazy mess of equipment. It measured my heart rate and my breathing quality during my slumber.

I didn’t get hooked up until 11:30 that night. I knew they needed me to have 4 solid hours of sleep, but I couldn’t turn off my mind. After the abnormal electrocardiogram, every pain that I have on my left side now scares me. It seems like a lot of my pain mimics cardiac symptoms. I’m pretty confident it’s not cardiac because I’d probably be dead by now.

I woke up a couple of times during the first hour. I mentally made note of the times because I wanted to see how accurate the report would be. I should have written it down because I couldn’t remember the times the next morning- brain fog at its finest! The sleep company however was able to tell me the exact times. I guess, I shouldn’t be such a cynic.

Somehow, I managed to get in 6 hours of sleep. I think it was a solid sleep as I woke up with an imprint of the nasal prong tubing deep into my right cheek.

I dropped off the equipment as soon as they opened. I really want to get answers as quickly as possible. I was contacted within the hour with an update. It helped that I have a connection at that office. The final report would go to my doctor in about a week.

To my surprise they told me that I did not have sleep apnea. I only had a couple sleep events, all minor and typical- there was no need for any sleep equipment. Fantastic- I can cross sleep apnea off the list as we narrow the search.

They did let me know that I had sinus bradycardia. Unfortunately, that meant it wasn’t a one-off or an equipment error as I had hoped. In fact, my heart was beating ten less beats per minute at rest (awake or asleep) compared to my electrocardiogram results. I guess it was good to have a 6 hour look at my hearts conduction system compared to the one minute ecg tracing.

I was hoping that they would have had better news about my heart rate. I guess it’s not all bad, I don’t have sleep apnea. No need for expensive equipment. I’m trying so hard to see the glass half full.

My doctor is waiting for the cardiology final and then I’ll be back in to see her in another week. I still have no zinc results…I wonder why they take longer than the DNA tests? (not that the Zinc levels will likely change anything)

Much love for listening,

Be Still My Heart

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Yesterday, as I carefully screened my lab work, my cursor hovered over the final report for my electrocardiogram. The screen said the test was final and that the report had been sent to the Cardiologist for final review. I didn’t think to open it…why would I?

This morning, I logged back onto the lab website to see if my Zinc test had come back. It was the only value missing. Disappointed that it was still missing, I went to close the window when I noticed a small box in the top right hand corner of my screen. I clicked on it and it opened up to a pdf of my electrocardiogram tracing.

To my surprise, there was a notation in bold letters on the front- Abnormal ECG!!!


I was so consumed by seeing the lab results come in yesterday, that I didn’t even worry about the cardiac as it wasn’t a concern, not at all.

My word…my heart- how could that be? I have a strong heart, everyone always tells me so. The heart of a well conditioned athlete they said. Sure, my heart rate is slow but that is due to my high level of fitness right?

Who am I kidding, my fitness is non-existent. Its hard to be fit when you can’t maintain your balance doing the simplest of tasks and your muscles alternate from tired to spasmodic all the time. I stopped running after multiple drop foot experiences and one major fall. I used to be fit…I miss being fit…

Does this mean that the tightening around my chest, shooting arm pain, finger tingling and jaw pain are actually cardiac symptoms? It makes sense but all tests showed other wise previously. Now, I need to see a cardiologist to rule out heart disease.

I had accepted the possibility of neurological disease, I am not ready for cardiac too…

When it rains it pours…